Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spin, spin, spin

After spending too much time window shopping on I have been dying to order more batts and roving. That, combined with the opening of my shop and selling a couple skeins of yarn, has the potential for some serious plastic abuse. So, to combat that, I've resolved to spin up a good portion of my growing fiber stash before I go out and shop until I drop.

I guess I needed the motivation so I've been spinning like crazy lately. In the last 3 days I spun 6 skeins, which is a lot considering I have work and kids to manage too. One skein was a total flop, but I learned a lot. This one will be kept in a safe place so as not to hurt anyone. Four of other 5 will be photographed for posting in my shop and one will be made into something nice for an upcoming craft fair.

I'll be posting photos of some of these beauties once I get my light box and camera out for a photo shoot.

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