Monday, November 9, 2009

Shop is Up and Running!

So I got a kick in the pants this weekend and measured my yarns for WPI (Wraps per Inch) and yardage. I even started a spreadsheet!

I know, how organized was I?! Anyway, I finished the exercise of measuring so that I could begin working on my write ups for listings. The little blurbs you read that describe the yarn are harder to write than I thought. How does one sound clever and interesting while describing yarn?

Well, I did some preliminary write ups and then I was feeling saucy so I went for it. I posted a small sample of yarns up for sale in my shop, 4 to be exact. I was so pleased with myself I had to do a little dance. While I was admiring my work, I checked email only to find, you guessed it, I sold a skein!

Yep, I sold a skein of yarn in the first half hour of existence. I received a note from my first customer requesting a center pull ball winding and offered her a chance to purchase a matching skein I hadn't had time to list yet. She said she'd take it!

So, day one was a complete success in my new little corner of the internet marketplace! Okay, I can't retire just yet, but it is a great feeling to sell something I made. I am going to go right out and list some more!

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